right now on my table.

I'm working on a coral portrait for Rolling Stone Spain. I really forget how much fun I used to have with collage so I'm enjoying a lot this work. It's a mixture of photo, paint and nice wallpapers for the glasses. I guess that thing on the left upper corner it's just some rubber.


Alvaro Laura's GREAT work

Mi amigo Álvaro Laura por fín tiene una portafolio online donde podemos disfrutar de sus trabajos, me admira la capacidad que tiene de conseguir una mezcla equilibrada entre lo rotundo y lo sútil.

My friend Álvaro Laura has an online portfolio to stare his wonderful illustrations and design works. Pure eye candy. I really admire his work and his capacity to mix in a well-balance way bold and subtle.



Hoy me he encontrado estas imágenes de Staffa, Escocia. Parecen criaturas malignas emergiendo de las profundidades con planes malignos. Me han dado ganas de volver a Escocia para mi próximo viaje.
La parte algo deprimente de la historia es que estuve viviendo en Escocia un año y medio y nunca nadie me hablo de este sitio :(

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I find some inspiration watching this nature wonders, aren't they impressive. The last one looks exactly like some kind of fantastic sea creature emerging from the deep with evil plans. I want to come back to Scotland for my next trip. The worst part of the story is that I never ever before heard about this place while living in Edinburgh for a year and a half :(

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