New Website


good news!

I'm moving my website, switching it to cargocollective. I have to say I was quite attached to the old one, I'll be always grateful to Tom Filepp for the great work he did on it. But from now  on my website will be hosted at www.raquelissima.com

While it's moving you can visit it at http://cargocollective.com/raquelaparicio.

Hope you like it!


Illustrating an irritating quote

Esto es un trabajo personal, para ilustrar el dicho 'No hay mujer fea, sino mal maquillada'. Me parece una de los refranes más absurdos, superficiales y constrictivos.

This is a personal work to illustrate the saying 'There are not ugly women, just lazy ones'. I find it quite irritating, absurd and superficial. 

I hope you like it!